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Our Company: Key Features

We have excellent business strategies to create a win-win situation and ensure proactive domination. Another key feature of our company is that we offer quality assurance of various products at affordable rates along with the warranty. We run a hassle-free supply chain model so that we can cater to multiple requirements of our customers in a timely manner.


  • Operational change management podcast to establish a framework.
  • Chinese and local brands in rural areas.
  • Branding at the national level.
We receive seed funding of INR 5 crore by showing our expertise and business strategies. The series B funding of INR 10 crore is received by our company on the basis of our performance in the field. Indian governments also funds us INR 2 crore through our social initiatives as well as for our skill and employment programs, whereas, the rest of INR 20 crore is received from banks.

Key Persons :

Key Persons: Founder & Director

Kaushik Ghosh

Leadership Team

Laxmikant Patnaik: Eastern and Central India

Srinivas Besetti: Deputy ZSM, South India

Riya Singh: Business Head

State and Regional Leadership

AvinashAnand, SM, Bangalore & Hyderabad

Ganesh MariR, SM, Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Ambuj Pandey, SM Chhattisgarh

Amit Chakraborty, SM, Bihar

Business Managers

Devicharan Kanojiya, Chhattisgarh

Harsh Khatri, Bihar & Jharkhand

Aishwarya, Lead-A&F, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh

Priya Rai, Bangalore & Hyderabad

Sumit Prasad, West Bengal and Odisha

Area Sales Manager

Arun Kishore, Andhra Pradesh

Avijit Sardar, Kolkata, West Bengal

Himadri Mandal, Siliguri, West Bengal

Aditya Singh, Jharkhand.

Sales Executives

Govind Prajapati, Chhattisgarh

MahabirTigga, Ranchi

Sunit Shah, Kolkata

Upendra Sharma, Jharkhand

Prince Kumar, Bihar

Manindra Prajapati, Chhattisgarh

K.Surdarshan, Tamil Nadu

Branch Coordinators

K. Kamesh, South Region

Bipul Singh, Bihar

Deep Day, Kolkata

Harsh Raj, Jharkhand

Communication Team

Harsh Raj, Bihar

Deep Dey, Kolkata

Pancham Rajwar, Jharkhand